Good Friday & Steak, It’s What’s For Breakfast (and lunch)…

I learned something new today.   A lovely lady friend of mine, whom I’m going to refer to as Beatrice, informed me that if you are a good practicing Catholic…steak, or meat of any kind for that matter, is not to be on the menu on Good Friday.  Lucky for me, I’m not a good practicing Catholic…because I didn’t get that memo.     

Since I’m not working for the next two weeks, I procured a whole lot of food in an attempt to hone my cooking skills (you know, to complement my developing Ninja skills).  One of the items I purchased was a rib eye steak (which is the best kind of steak, don’t listen to those “new york” or “prime rib” sissies).  So when I woke up this morning and went downstairs wondering what I wanted for breakfast…the rib eye was staring me down, daring me to eat it.  People eat rib eye steaks for breakfast all the time right?  Totally normal!  The steak was the size of a toilet seat so I cut it in half, 1 a test steak…or “breakfast” and the other the real deal…or “lunch”.  What?  It is my personal philosophy that you can never have too much steak.

The breakfast steak was ok…but I was a little disappointed with it.  I read online that you should tenderize the meat before cooking…and I don’t have a tenderizer.  Being the resourceful man that I am, I used the next best thing…my hammer.  After giving my hammer a good washing, I preceded to pound the hell out of the poor steak…it was a lot of fun.   I used a dry rub of fresh ground pepper, garlic salt, garlic powder, and Johnny’s seasoning salt…then coated it with some melted butter.  I then broiled the steak on high for about 4 minutes each side, then seared it in my frying pan before eating.  Steak, like sex, can never really be bad…sometimes it’s just not as good as others…as was the case with my breakfast steak.  I think I cooked it wrong…but I have always been someone who learns from his mistakes…and cooking a rib eye steak was no exception.     

In going in for round two, I decided not to use my hammer and skip the butter.  I was disappointed in not being able to hammer the crap our the lunch steak (it really was fun)…but I was quite confident in my choice to bypass the butter.  Instead I just used my fingers to tenderize the meat as I pushed in the dry rub.  Then, I skipped the broiler and just seared it in my frying pan on mid high for two minutes on each side.  It was fantastic.  The searing locked in the juice and flavor and the dry rub mix I used tasted wonderful as it caramelized on the outside of the steak.  I was really happy with it.

Steak for breakfast and lunch…mmmm.  Now I need to go downstairs and figure out what I want for dinner.  Last night I had a mac & cheese and sour cream sandwich.  Yeah…it was as awesome as it sounds…sooooo good.  I think, in honor of Good Friday, and since I already ate a whole cow today, I will have a salad…a TACO salad – extra beef.  Yup…it’s a good thing I’m not Catholic…pretty sure I would burn in hell for all the crap I’m eating today.  Beatrice, however, is a good practicing Catholic and she is celebrating Good Friday by eating a big tasty burger while on a date in West Seattle.  I hope that burger was worth eternal damnation Beatrice…because you are going to burn!  Man…I do love a good steak.

“My favorite animal is steak.”

Fran Lebowitz 

~ by coreysays on April 2, 2010.

One Response to “Good Friday & Steak, It’s What’s For Breakfast (and lunch)…”

  1. Ribeyes are best……i love mac and cheese but never had it on a sandwich. weirdo

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