Sweet Disposition – Favorite Song On The Radio Right Now…

I was driving home late one night last week after visiting a friend and heard this song playing on 107.7 the end (Seattle’s alternative radio station).  It starts off with a cool repetitive guitar riff a la Where The Streets Have No Name by U2…and at fist I was thinking…’well this interesting’…but then the lead singers voice kicks in and I was like…’WTF…didn’t see that coming’ as it is quite high and seems a little out of place at first.  As the song starts to build…and the singer moves into the chores, you relize…this is a really catchy song…and the singers voice, while unique, is somehow comforting, and totally appropriate.   When it ended, I found myself immediately wanting to hear it again.  Thankfully, my car stereo informed me via the digital readout that the song is called Sweet Disposition, and the band is “The Temper Trap”.  Armed with the required information, I continue on my way home…looking forward to doing a little youtube research.

Thank god for youtube!  I mean, where else would I be able to watch full episodes of The Wonder Years at 2am when I can’t sleep?  Anyway, through the magical power of youtube, I was able to watch the trippy, really need to see this while under the influence, video for Sweet Disposition.  The protagonist is a pretty girl who apparently wants nothing more then to fulfill a suicide wish by roller skating into the sun.  How awesome is that!  Pretty damn awesome – that’s how awesome it is!  At first, however, she is not succesful and is pushed back by the suns powerful energy rays (I’m not making this shit up, I swear – watch the video).   But fear not, our roller skating hero does not give up – and with the band singing “don’t stop till it’s over” repeatedly to cheer her on, she finally breaks through the invisible wall and looks back at the camera with perfect mix of happiness and remorse as she drifts into the suns warm and loving embrace.  Fantastic! 

Any video of a pretty girl roller skating to her demise into a freaking sun gets two enthusiastic thumbs up by me.  Good for you roller skater girl…way to make your dreams come true!  Awesome song – awesome video.

“Without music life would be a mistake.”

– Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

~ by coreysays on March 9, 2010.

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  1. Well this is great! Jeffrey has a Blog too:

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