Best Of…February

Wow, the month of February went by really fast!  I know it has less days then all the other months…but still…February just flew by.  Since it’s the end of the month, I’m once again asking for votes for your favorite post.  For January, I had a pretty good idea my epic battle with Double B was going to take it (even though it was not my personal favorite)…but this month…I really don’t know.  They were all fun to write…even if somewhat humiliating…(yeah, I’m looking at you “A Fine Physical Specimen I Am”…).

A friend of mine told me that if I ever want a sugar mama I’m going to need to start highlighting my attractive qualities in my posts…so maybe I will focus on portraying myself in a more positive light in March.  I will give it a shot, but I fear I won’t have much to write about.  I mean, making fun of myself is easy…and there seems to be an endless supply of material.  Besides…if I’m going to get a sugar mama to fall for me…she is going to need to fall for all my faults as well…not only because they make us who we are…but also because there are a lot!

Here are posts up for “best of” for February.

~ by coreysays on February 25, 2010.

3 Responses to “Best Of…February”

  1. You’ll have my vote in three days, when the polls open for realsies.

  2. Ha!…I like to start a new month fresh. I post the “best of” a couple of days early so on the last day of the month I can post the winner and move on to a new month. Why you gotta kill my dreams?

  3. I refuse to vote! There are still three days left and a lot of blog worthy things can happen in three days….you’re jumping the gun (what?) my friend.

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