Gardening Is Good For The Soul…

I have had a lot on my mind lately…career, life, love, the usual stuff most 35 year old single guys find themselves thinking about.  Since I can’t find anyone to play tennis with me…and I’m too damn old to play soccer anymore, I’m finding it difficult to be what you would call an “exerciser”.  So, I needed to find another outlet…something to allow my thoughts to drift and just turn my brain off for a while.  What I didn’t expect…was that something would turn out to be gardening. 

Maybe it’s the mind numbing task of pulling weeds, or the physical labor of moving heavy rocks and shoveling dirt, but for some reason, my head is always clearer and I feel much better after several hours of gardening.  I am definitely a beginner gardner…I bought gardening for dummies to help get me started and make sure I don’t hurt myself in planting and landscaping endeavors.  I tell my friends I have started gardening and they laugh and say something about how I’m turning into and old man.  As true as that may be, I’m actually really enjoying it…and I’m starting to accomplish quite a lot. 

This weekend I planted a hedge and two rhododendrons and laid river rock around them with some bigger decorative rocks along the side of my house.  I also mowed my yard in the middle of freaking February, which was a little creepy because…well…it’s the middle of freaking February.  I’m quite happy with how everything turned out.  Standing in my yard, holding a shovel with dirty hands, I was no longer consumed by thoughts of the job I don’t have, a life I don’t lead, or the girl I can’t be with.  Maybe that is the thing about gardening…you put a little bit of effort and time into it…and then you can look at your work and say “I did that”…and everything else just fades away.   

Nothing gives you a real sense of accomplishment like working in your yard all day…even if you were singing Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, loud enough for your neighbors to look at you funny as they walk by.

“A garden is never so good as it will be next year”

– Thomas Cooper

~ by coreysays on February 23, 2010.

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  1. We need pictures!!!

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