Somebody Saaavvveee Me! Guilty Pleasures…#2

For some strange reason, I have an affinity to teenage drama tv shows (what?…you don’t know me…don’t judge!).  To list some examples: Gilmore Girls – I own the first 4 seasons on DVD, Dawson’s Creak – I was sooooo glad Joey picked Pacey over Dawson…you have no idea, Buffy – I know all the songs from the musical episode, Once More With Feeling, by heart, and last but not least, Smallville – which I DVR religiously every Friday night so I can watch it while I’m hung over Saturday morning.  Why on earth would I watch a tv show based on events of a young Superman’s drama filled life?  I will tell you why… Allison Mack, who plays the ever so lovable Chloe Sullivan!

A large percentage of the time, the episodes of Smallville are not that great; you have your standard meteor induced freak that the superhero crew needs to put the smack down on…and then sometimes there are some really outstanding episodes…usally involving someone of import dying (Smallville does funeral scenes really well).  Also, the two main villains, Lex and Lionel Luther were both awesome, but no longer on the show.  But Allison, god bless her and everything she stands for, is the real reason I, and most other 25-35 year old guys who view this fine program (and yes, there are a lot) tune in. 

Allison’s character, Chloe, is every dork boy’s dream girl.  She is smart, up to date on current dork culture, really cute, but not so cute that you don’t think you have a shot with her, and you know she is down with drinking a bottle of wine and getting in a heated debate over what movie represents John Cusack’s finest work… (Say Anything). Yup…she is just about perfect.  I don’t know much about Allison herself, but I like to think she is just as cool as Chloe.     

Chloe always gets the shaft (proverbially) in Smallville.  She spends the first 7 seasons being in love with Superjerk (cool band name) and when she finally moves on and marries another dude, he gets killed by some rock freak while saving her life…I mean come on!   The man of steel (and bad taste in women) does not know what he is missing…and while he may be to busy trying to impress Lois “dirty tramp” Lane, I have all the time in the world for you Chloe…you can count on me! 

If I ever actually met Allison Mack…I’m confident she would ask me for my e-mail address and phone number after I impress her with my deep understand of all things Smallville.  I’m also quite sure she would find my growing bald spot, buddha belly, and firm grip on reality attractive.

 “It’s like fate…inevitable, but always surprising when it happens.”

– Chloe Sullivan – Smallville

~ by coreysays on February 18, 2010.

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  1. Two words… High Fidelity.

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