A Fine Physical Specimen I Am…

You know you are out of shape when you pull something getting up from the couch…which may or may not of happened to me this evening.  I remember, not all that long ago, when I was playing soccer and tennis regularly…and in good enough shape to sprint a considerable distance without getting too winded.  Now I need to catch my breath after walking up two flights of stairs.

My spirit may be bent…but it’s not broken.  Below is my 3 point plan to getting into better shape.

  1. Stop eating peanut butter M&M’s for breakfast – I’m no nutritionist…but I’m pretty sure they are not part of a balanced and healthy diet
  2. Get more exercise – I’m not saying I’m lazy…but I would rather walk around the entire house looking for the remote control then walk 5 feet from my sofa to the big screen to change the channel by hand (more exercise in the short run…far more sitting on my lazy butt in the long run)
  3. Recognize that just because a food falls in several food groups (or just one for that matter), does not mean it is healthy – If you break it down enough, pizza sounds really good for you

I’m supremely confident in my ability to follow these 3 steps and turn myself into a well rounded, and less round, healthy individual.  Well, 2 out of the 3 steps anyway, I really do love peanut butter M&M’s.

“I have found that there is only one way to look thin, hang out with fat people.”

– Rodney Dangerfield

~ by coreysays on February 16, 2010.

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