Love Actually – Valentines Day Sucks…Most Of The Time…

I’m normally not a big fan of Valentines Day…maybe it’s because I’m not in a position to be.  I think its fare to say I spend about 50% of my day being hopelessly jaded to love and completely closed to the whole idea of it…and the other 50% being a hopeless romantic, confident that true love does exist, and a pretty girl is out there somewhere…just waiting for me to find her.  Get a couple of drinks in me and my position on the matter of love becomes even more confusing.  In an effort to not be a complete loser and spend Valentines Day alone, I hung out with a girlfriend of mine and watched the best romantic comedy ever…Love Actually.  This movie appeals to me because we get to see so many aspects and stories of love…each with their own twists and turns…and not all of them having happy endings.  My date for the evening asked me which of the stories was my favorite…and, of course, I was conflicted. 

The hopeless romantic in me loves the story of the writer, Jamie, and his assistant/house maid, Aurelia, who come from two different worlds and speak two different languages… but somehow find a way to communicate in the universal language that needs no translation…the language of love.  This is probably the most unrealistic story of the movie…but that does not make any less sweet or enjoyable. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to get away from a bad situation involving your girlfriend and brother, rent a nice cozy house on a lake to do some writing and mend a broken heart, and then find the girl of your dreams…who, as luck would have it, does not speak a lick of your native tongue.  For some of us not very clever with words or who are easily flustered by pretty people of the opposite sex, this may be a good thing.  You can’t help but cheer as he asks her to marry him in Portuguese and she answers him in English….sooooo sweet.  I think it’s telling that this is one of the two stories that the movie ends on…because it appeals to the hopeless romantic in all of us.

The bitter, jaded, love sucks, side of me, can’t help but find an attachment to the story of Juliet, the pretty ingénue, and Mark, the best friend of her new husband, who happens to be madly in love with her.  She is not yet wise to his feelings in the beginning of the movie and both her and her husband think Mark just does not like her very much.  Clearly they both need to get their love dial recalibrated because our boy Mark is head over heals…and in deep deep smit with Juliet. 

In one of my favorite scenes, Juliet comes over to borrow Marks wedding video…with a gift of pie as a piece offering to win him over.  Little does she know, he has already been won over, and then some.  As she starts to watch the video…the viewer bares witness to two things…Juliet’s realization that Mark is completely and utterly in love with her…and Mark’s heart breaking as she comes to this realization.  “You don’t like me!” she says with confusion.  “It’s a… self-preservation thing, you see.” he replies.  He knows, she knows, and there is not a damn thing they can do about it.  They share the sweet “sign” moment later in the movie…and she gives him a “if only things were different…but they are not” kiss…and he comes to terms with his unrequited love saying…”enough…enough now.”  It’s real, it’s honest, and I love it.

On a side note, Natalie, the Prime Ministers girlfriend (and the actress who plays her)…is my dream girl.  Yes sir, she is all different kinds of awesome.  Valentines Day, normally day of complete suck, was relatively bearable this year…thanks Love Actually!

“But you know, the thing about romance is… people only get together right at the very end.”

Sam – Love Actually

~ by coreysays on February 15, 2010.

One Response to “Love Actually – Valentines Day Sucks…Most Of The Time…”

  1. The story of Jamie and Aurelia is my favorite too. I have to disagree with you though, as I don’t think its unrealistic at all. Maybe difficult, but not unrealistic. Love is Love…there is no rhyme or reason to it. Its so cliche’ but the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes there is no amount of logic to bring sense to it.

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