Corey’s Rock & Roll Lifestyle…

party-with-richard-simmonsThis weekend I partied like a rockstar. Well, not so much a rockstar as a moderately succesful top 40 cover band.  It started with my friends birthday party where I drank way too much vodka in way to short of a time period, showed off my awesome rockband skills in front of 30 other people, and watched “Night of the Living Dead” until I passed out on the sofa.  Truth be told, I was out pretty early…and probably only partied for about 4 hours or so.  I’m lucky I didn’t end up with any strange writing on my face and embarrassing pictures posted online (note to self…look for potentially embarrassing pictures of me passed out online).

Saturday morning I stumbled around my friends living room, ate some stale food left out from the party, and played “wii fit”…all while being in that strange between state of drunk and hung over.  For the record…wii fit is hard to play while sober…so you can imagine the comedy of me trying to play while still being intoxicated – good times.

After some others from the party woke up, including the birthday boy himself, we cleaned up a little bit and then debated on where to go for some greasy breakfast food.  The birthday boy wanted Jack in the Box so we deferred to him and piled into Kate Winslet (I named my car Kate Winslet…what??…don’t judge!) for the drive over.  The hangover god’s were smiling on us that morning as the drive thru for Jack in the Box pointed right towards the window of one of those bikini espresso places.  The three of us kept staring in hung over silence…just waiting for a bikini wearing hottie to walk over to the sliding window.  When she finally did, in her red two piece, we raised our hands in praise, thanking the hangover gods for bestowing us with such blessings on a rainy saturday morning, grabbed our food, and went on our merry way…satisfied that Jack in the Box was indeed the right choice.

A little later that morning…some people who were at the party the night before came over to check in and make sure we were all still alive.  After an enlightening conversation about how NOT naming your daughter after an automobile is a key step in keeping her from an illustrious career involving a dance poll…I said my goodbyes and made the long drive home to Tacoma…where I promptly took some high powered pain pills and napped for 5 hours.

I needed to nap for an hour longer then I actually spent partying in order to get somewhat back to normal.  Man…do I know how to party or what?  Yup…long naps, being stoked about seeing a girl in a bikini in a jack in the box drive thru, and passing out on a sofa while watching Night of the Living Dead as 30 other people party around me…just another weekend in Corey’s rock & roll lifestyle.  The guys from Motley Crue have got nothing on me!

“A good friend would bail you out of jail, but your best friend would be the one sitting next to you saying, “damn that was awesome”.

– Anonymous

~ by coreysays on February 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Corey’s Rock & Roll Lifestyle…”

  1. For the record, by the time you passed out, there were only about 10 people still there and they were all at the poker table. Not so bad….

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